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International British College (IBC) – previously OLC Fethiye – is a private learning institution that provides educational programmes and services for academic and professional development. Located in Turkey, IBC fosters a learning atmosphere of mutual respect and support in a multicultural environment regardless of students’ cultural and education backgrounds. International British College (IBC) teaches individuals the skills they need in order for them to have a successful career and university life.


Fully accredited Certificate and Diploma programmes in the areas of Training, Masters of Business Administration, the English Language, and Local and Abroad Education.

All IBC students are awarded a certificate upon completion of their course. Professional and Business courses are offered by IBC in partnership with the UK recognized educational centres. The certificates issued for these courses are approved by the overseas education authorities.

IBC’s teaching staff consists of qualified teachers and instructors from Great Britain. They all hold recognised teaching certificates, are professional, patient and chosen not only for their experience but also for their enthusiasm, positive attitude, ability to build confidence and knowledge what individuals and corporations exactly need to achieve success and stand out from the crowd.

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Popular Programmes

IELTS/TOEFL Exam Preparation

Recommended for international and local students who need to show a proven record of language competence at work or when applying for university and other higher education programmes abroad. IELTS and TOEFL have been the most popular English language testing exams and are taken to meet immigration, study and work requirements.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

These English Language programmes offer business training that you need to get the skills necessary for your area of business. These programmes are for those who already work in a particular industry or think to start their own business.


An option for those students who feel more at ease studying with the teacher on their own.

General English & Homestay Programmes

A General English course that focuses on all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as vocabulary development, pronunciation and grammar. It covers beginner to advanced levels. GE programmes can be combined with a homestay in British families.

Summer & Winter Experience

Local British Culture and a 2 week English Language Learning for young adults aged 12-17. This programme combines project work and various summer or winter activities to enjoy and is designed at an age and ability appropriate level.

Women's English Course

This is a culture sensitive English Language programme designed only for Muslim women who need English for life or work purposes